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Advices - Toulemonde Bochart

The Toulemonde Bochart signature on a rug is a mark of quality. The rugs are note pressure sensitive. The rugs are naturally sound absorbent and fire resistant. The rugs ass warmth and do not attract dust. They are easily maintained on a regular basis. The rug should be brushed on a regular basis and from time to time vaccumed with either the smooth base or the brush head of vacuum. Be careful of pealing during the first 2 monthes as the rug loses excess wool in fluffs. Vacuum without rubbing and do not brush with a hard brush. Turn the rug around, twice a year. Beware of placing the rug in direct or harsh naturel light, which could cause fading.

Big maintenance: Every 6 months, or every year, according to the importance of the traffic, it will be advisable to make a cleaning of the in-depth carpet.

  • Dry Shampoo: the cleaning is made by powdering of a powder shampoo of known brand, followed by the passage of the vacuum cleaner after penetration of the product.
  • Wet Shampoo: dilute the least possible the product. Do not soak the carpet. By means of a shampooineuse of known brand, distribute the cleaning product to which we shall have been able to add some vinegar, by insisting on the most soiled parts(parties). Let dry by avoiding any passage. Vacuum carefully.

Indispensable to live carefree the small accidents of the everyday life, the treatment TexGuard allows you to be more serene in front of tasks. It protects the fiber of the carpet, waterproofs it and leaves you more time to intervene on the tasks. Your carpet benefits from an invisible, odourless and environment-friendly protection, it is also protected from acarids. The treatment can be vaporized before expedition, or at home, thanks to an individual spray.


It is essentially for their aesthetic qualities, their dry aspect, that the plant covers are most generally prescribed. Their robustness, their mechanical and physical qualities make it materials of the very first order, to discover to the use. However, two essential factors of their good behaviour are: – a perfect installation, according to the rule book – an appropriate and regular maintenance. That is why, we supply you rules to be observed in these two domains, to guarantee in our products the longevity which they deserve.


As all the natural fibers, the sisal as the sea rush, by absorbing and by restoring the humidity, act as hydrometric regulator so offering a bigger comfort of life. But at the same moment, they can have dimensional variations which, if they are not warned can pull disorders (unsticking, bubbles) followed by premature wear. However, an installation realized according to the rule book, by collage in height, allows to delete every risk of degradation.

  • Maroufler all the surface to guarantee a perfect adhesion.
  • Do not charge the ground before the adhesion is total.
  • Do not moisten the carpet before a total glue.
  • Do not force the drying.
  • Plan a reserve of 2 % on measured realized to mitigate possibly the distances due to the environment.
  • In every case intervene immediately.
  • Absorb liquids as quickly as possible.
  • Remove solids in the knife or in the spoon, by leaving of the edge towards the center of the task by respecting the direction of the fiber.
  • Try at first to deprive the task of the shampoo very diluted in the tepid water.

In case of failure refer to the board which follows:

Shampoo and vinegar and water

Water, shampoo and alcohol if need be.

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