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It is amongst the hours spent by the designers to polish their creations in order to express their vision of the present, and in the days of our weavers’ work endlessly renewing their ancestral gestures in the respect of the tradition, that one can find this quest for accuracy which makes the quality of our rugs. For over 40 years, we have learnt to bind close links with our production workshops, in a permanent exchange of tradition and modernity, movement and serenity, following or very often introducing new evolutions in the rug field. This collaboration has always been conducted in mutual respect, and more and more towards environmental and social standards, at the heart of the development of a country like India that we see evolving with each one of our quarterly journeys.

The various methods of making our rugs

Our Workshop

A finishing workshop near Paris to complete in record time braided rugs, whipped, or lined piping invisible up to 6 meters by 4. A team tour to the site and the prescription, carrier solutions through technical qualities ranging from woven at hand knotted through the tuft, supported by manufacturing units broken challenges, capable of producing very large templates, in reasonable time. Many prestigious firms and clients place their trust in us, in the hotel sector, as well as the yachting circuit and private venues.


The design is carried out stitch by stitch according to the model reproduced on a graph paper. The smaller the stitch, the more precise the design (it is the number of knots). This technique is more time consuming, the work progressing approximately at a rate of 10 cm per day.


The design is transferred onto a canevas, stretched on a frame. The threads are punched into this scrim with a tufting gun, either manual or electric, to form the velvet pile. This velvet pile is cut and inspected. The backing is then bound with latex to secure the velvet, and then protected by a fabric or a net.


Hand-weaving is a semi-mechanized process and can be done on pit looms or on shuttle looms, a simpler version of the Jacquard looms. Here, no knots, but a loop maintained by the tightening of the weft. A glue binding holds it together. This process allows great versatility on plain or simple geometries (frames, stripes, squares…).

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