New Collection

After phenomenally successful collections such as Pascale Risbourg’s Collage or Florence Bourel’s Sonia, and the acclaimed reception of the new Outdoor line, the 2023 collection takes up fundamentals and is composed on different axes, combining materials and graphics.

True DNA of the brand, the Createurs collection is also very present with the arrival of Dorothée Delaye, an interior designer recognized for her creativity and her sense of detail which naturally led her to create her own rugs. But it is also without counting on the richness of the creations of designers already integrated, such as Laur Meyrieux and his research on form and weaving, Pascale Risbourg and his monochrome compositions, Réda Amalou and his bridges between art and design, or even Eric Gizard, Emmanuel Gallina and Florence Bourel who still sign real research and questioning of the pattern as well as the color.

A second axis led us to develop new materials and weaves, in raw carded wool, without any dyeing.Support for a production with low environmental impact, we are inclined to research reliefs, volume effects as for the Minotaur motif and its voluptuous curves in the eyes and on the feet, or more raw weaves as for Kandahar or Atlas.

Simpler, the last axis is projected onto plain rugs in shiny fibres, with very short pile or on the contrary lush in neutral  ranges, or on the contrary onto rhythmic and joyful geometries to enliven cozier spaces.

For ease of reading, the nomenclature and pagination of the catalog have changed. There will only be 2 families of rugs left, those of Creators, whether designers or interior designers, and those from Studio Toulemonde Bochart, whether plain or patterned. On the other hand, you will find at the end of the catalog the technical tables with the page of the  carpet in alphabetical order.